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As React.js make the component "running" clock with automatic time update.

09-may-2020 22:56:38
Do a "running" digital clock React.js.In this article I will try to briefly explain how to make the clock to react with one second update. Ie watch...

To install Yii2 advanced and basic templates in steps.

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07-Nov-2019 12:13:29
In this article we will consider ways to install the yii2 application templates basic and advanced. For example, the installation will be done on your computer in well...

To install the Yii2 extension without composer manually.

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04-Nov-2019 14:36:30
Why should I connect the Yii 2 extension without composer.It is obvious that the installation of dependencies in yii2 it is best to use composer. But what if sa...

Yii2 populateRecord(). Creating an Active Record object from a normal sql query.

30-Oct-2019 21:38:33
Where it is used by populateRecord() .In Yii2 there is a method BaseActiveRecord::populateRecord($record, $row) , which fills an ActiveRecord object, used...

Yii2 RBAC DbManager - part 2. Roles, permissions, and access rules.

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24-Oct-2019 21:42:04
Entry.This is the second article from the series of articles about working with built in yii2 RBAC component. In this article, I will continue to acquaint the reader with the reception...

Yii2 sample using findOne() and find(). How to select one record from the database.

23-Oct-2019 18:44:48
How to use find() and findOne() in yii2 Active Record.In Yii2 Active Record provides two methods that allow you to select a single field from the BA...

How to create a launching icon for xampp in Ubuntu.

25-Aug-2019 23:15:51
Consider steps in order to create a shortcut for the control panel of XAMPP on the desktop.For example I used Ubuntu 16.04. Downloadable and mouth...

The design pattern Alone (Singleton pattern).

16-Jun-2019 21:24:15
Application of the pattern Singleton.This pattern is used where we need to create an object of class once. The object is stored in cloistre class...

The design pattern Repository (Repository Pattern).

16-Jun-2019 13:04:52
Why the need for a pattern Repository.For a simple explanation of the purpose of the design pattern "Repository" here is an example from life. Let's have Blo...

As with vue to send and receive data from the server with the http client axios.

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11-may-2019 16:20:21
in order to consider how to communicate with the server from the code vue js, I'm using http client axios, which is popular in the world of javascri...

Event at the vue and use a global event bus Event Bus for communication between components.

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10-may-2019 22:21:10
Why do we need events.Data transfer from parent component to child can occur with the help of props that allow you to pass a parameter...

How to work with migrations in modules and extensions for yii2.

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22-Mar-2019 21:51:16
create a migration module or extension yii2.To create a migration in the application, use the command in the console yii migrate/create <name> .NAP...

Yii2 RBAC DbManager - part 1. Customization and creation of roles in practice.

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03-Jan-2019 21:08:39
Entry in the subject.The access control role-based RBAC - built functionality in yii2. In this article we will try an example blog to show how Paul...

Do on vue.js carousel-image slider with Carousel Vuetify

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24-Dec 2018 21:30:47
so, in this tutorial I will show you how to vue.js to make the slider images. To do this, except for the Vue, we need Vuetify. What is Vuetify you supposed...

Yii2 sending emails via SMTP server of gmail.

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08-Dec 2018 22:30:14
In this lesson we will consider how to implement yii2 email via email via free SMTP server from google. On many sites when...

Yii2 aliases and url paths. How to use.

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04-Dec 2018 22:20:42
why the need For aliases in yii2.Aliases are aliases for paths in the file system or URLs. Using aliases you can specify an alias for ways...

Yii2 flash message style bootstrap alerts.

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02-Dec-2018 22:14:54
What is a flash message in yii2.In yii2 there is a class that works with sessions yii\web\Session. This class is a kind of a wrapper...

At the Vue as a component to specify a local scoped the visibility in the child components.

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24-Nov-2018 21:28:43
In the component file item styles can be set in the unit <style></style> Then the styles will be seen globally and will affect all markings...

In yii2 to place the template in the template.

24-Oct 2018 19:47:40
Consider the possibility of creating a nested template that is implemented in Yii 2 for your templates for each controller or action....

The creation of dynamic blocks types of blocks in templates yii2.

23-Oct 2018 23:15:05
In this paper we consider one of the ways the dynamic changes of the template structure layout in yii2 using blocks Yii::$app->view->blocks...