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How has my travel style changed?

I still love to travel. But unlike earlier. After my one-year trip around the world, long-distance travel was the focus, today it's more like traveling to Germany and Europe. In the article, I tell you what has changed: z. B. on arrival, luggage, accommodation and food. And what has remained the same. So I take part in the blog parade of Sabine (Ferngeweht).

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How traveling has changed me (and not only positively)

Traveling has been part of my life since my childhood. At that time, however, it was in the school holidays with the caravan to France, not to distant countries. It was only much later that my one-year trip around the world came, which I had saved up. How traveling has changed me? Just outside my comfort zone like Japan or South America? Here comes my answer, with her I take part in the blog parade "Travel changed" by Sabine (blog Ferngeweht).

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Sustainable travel eco-conscious living: 12 tips

"Be yourself the change you desire for this world," I like that quote a lot. Traveling is now my full-time job: I travel around four months a year, otherwise I work from my home office in the Rhineland. Since the blog start 2012, a lot has changed. So I want to travel and live increasingly sustainable - for the sake of the environment, people and animals. I tell you about the implementation and my future plans.

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Personal: Become a vegetarian and do without sugar (sugar free project)

For a long time I have thought about making two profound changes in my food. Since I have eaten only little meat, sausage and fish so far, the step to the vegetarian is not far - the animals, the environment and my health sake. As a sugar junkie for me much harder: to refrain from sweets. I tell you about my plans and the implementation so far. There is also an update from November 2019.

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