My most beautiful travel photos 2019 (photo-parade)


From the idyllic Harz on Caribbean beaches in Sweden to the colorful Morocco went this year my travels. Twelve times I was traveling: whether with a friend and dog, a girlfriend or alone. I show you my best travel photos 2019 and take part in the photo parade of Michael (explore the world).

Travel 2019: Germany, Europe Africa

Here are my destinations this year:

  1. Lisbon and Sintra , perfect holiday destinations even in winter
  2. Kołobrzeg at the Polish Baltic Sea - great for a holiday with a dog by the sea
  3. London by train , by the way also great at Christmas time
  4. Amsterdam with the biggest flea market in Europe
  5. Rome - great for vegetarians and vegans
  6. Colmar in Alsace, France
  7. Sweden holiday with white sandy beaches and colorful bathhouses
  8. Houseboat holiday with dog in Alsace
  9. Atlantic Coast France with cool surfer locations like Biarritz, Hossegor and Capbreton
  10. Road trip through the picturesque Harz
  11. Aalborg , the fourth largest city in Denmark with Viking tombs, colorful houses and cinnamon buns
  12. Morocco and Andalusia : soak up the sun in autumn

This year we will only make a short break with dog Buddy . In January 2020 I will go to Thailand and Singapore again .

The categories of the photo-parade 2019

  1. Cityscape or landscape
  2. Animal or plant
  3. Mountains or sea
  4. Foreign or domestic
  5. Sunrise or sunset
  6. Black-white or colorful
  7. My best travel photo 2019

1) Travel photos 2019: cityscape or landscape

My heart beats for city ​​trips .

Even if I can now imagine living with Carsten and Buddy in the countryside, I love big, lively cities with many highlights, cafes and restaurants. It is especially nice if the city is located on the river or the sea. Then you get cityscape plus landscape.

One of my favorite cities is therefore Lisbon (see photo). I was last in the Portuguese capital in January 2019. For me it is a great destination to escape the cold and experience the sun.

My trip from Lisbon to Sintra was also worthwhile. In the city you will find fairytale castles, enchanted fountains and dream gardens.

Here are my articles :

Packing list City trip for your short break
Lisbon Attractions : The Top 7 Highlights
Lisbon in winter : sights, tips pictures
Lisbon tips Food : vegan, vegetarian, yummy
Sintra Day Trip from Lisbon: Tips on Tour, Castle Fountain

2) Travel photos 2019: animal or plant

As much as I like palm trees or orange trees, I still prefer animals. I grew up with cats, Carsten had a dog as a child.

After we finally moved to Mönchengladbach (Rhineland) in October 2017, the desire for a dog became stronger and stronger. But if that was consistent with my many trips?

It works well! Especially because I work most of the time in the home office . The trips we do with three or I am traveling alone or with a girlfriend. Then Carsten either takes a vacation or a dog sitter takes care of Buddy.

By the way, in this article you will find for your dog holiday the 15 most beautiful travel destinations with dog , of six other bloggers and me.

The photo was taken during a holiday with a dog by the sea. We have been to Kolberg on the Polish Baltic Sea many times. What makes it perfect for traveling with a dog? Long beaches (including two dog beaches), many forests, dog-friendly locals, cafes and restaurants. Since we were there last in February 2019 and whistled on the beach an icy wind, Buddy (who has little fur on his stomach and freezes slightly) wore his dog coat.

Incidentally, was also the houseboat holiday with a dog in Alsace, France.

You can find more items in the category Holiday with Dog .

3) Travel photos 2019: mountains or sea

Snow-capped mountains are something special and I love the hearty alpine cuisine. But my first trips as a child led to France to the sea. And since then I'm happiest by the sea .

One of my paid blogger trips took me to Sweden this year. Skane in southern Sweden surprised me with this beach, as I would have expected it only in the Caribbean: white sand, turquoise sea and colorful bathhouses.

4) Travel photos 2019: Foreign or local

Recently, I have increasingly explored Germany and Europe.

Since Buddy came to us in June 2018, he has turned our lives upside down. We can not fly with our big dog, for train and bus he is too fastidious. So we are three in the car on the road, so we have also bought a van .

I also experienced London by train from the Rhineland alone in 2019, traveled by train to Amsterdam with the biggest flea market in Europe , or by long-distance bus to Colmar (France) .

One of my best trips this year went to Morocco and Andalusia with Katharina (Blog So close and so far ). By train and bus we traveled through North Africa and southern Spain. We took the ferry across the Strait of Gibraltar.

In October we experienced temperatures up to 32 degrees, palm trees, great beaches, colorful patterns and colors as well as delicious vegetarian food.

I took the picture in the Royal Palace Alcazar Sevilla . The palace is still used today by the Spanish royal family, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was one of the locations of Game of Thrones.

5) Travel photos 2019: sunrise or sunset

I am not an early bird at all, but rather a night owl. So I always prefer the sunset.

I experienced this one here on the Atlantic coast of France . There I arrived at the beach just in time to see the sun go down and everything in a warm light. And would not you like to spend the night in the little house on the cliff?

6) Travel photos 2019: black and white or colorful

If you've been following me on blog, Instagram or Pinterest for a while, then you know for sure that I love colorful colors. They simply mean joie de vivre for me.

A dream for me was therefore Morocco and Andalusia, where the Moors left their mark.

But also the paid blogger trip to Aalborg in Denmark was great for that! The fourth largest city in Denmark inspired me with Viking tombs, these colorful houses, modern architecture and cinnamon buns.

7) My best travel photo 2019

I really like my photo from the Sweden holiday . It has everything I love: beach, nice weather and colors.

Incidentally, my first trips are already fixed in 2020 , Sweden is also there:

  • January : Thailand and Singapore
  • March : Tel Aviv in Israel
  • June : Greek Islands
  • July : Biggest US classic car meeting in the world "Power Big Meet" in Sweden
  • October : expected road trip through California

To the photo parade

You would like to get more inspiration for your vacation through great travel photos? Then take a look at the photo parade 2019 of Explore the World .

Where did your best travel photos in 2019 come from?

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  • reply
    November 30, 2019 at 19:14

    Hello Anja,
    at the beach photos one wishes again summer. Especially that with the sunset, I find particularly successful!
    Many greetings,

    • reply
      Anja Beckmann
      December 1, 2019 at 20:39

      Hello Johannes,

      how nice that you like the photos!

      Many greetings

  • reply
    November 21, 2019 at 21:41

    Hello Anja,
    great photos are from your travels. At the white sandy beach I would not have thought of Sweden, because I know the landscape a bit rugged. ;-)
    best regards

    • reply
      Anja Beckmann
      November 23, 2019 at 14:24

      Hello Heiko,

      Thanks a lot! Yes, I was pretty surprised too. :)

      best regards

  • reply
    November 8, 2019 at 10:35

    Hello Anja,
    There you have really put some great photos together. I particularly like the picture of the French Atlantic coast and that of Denmark.
    LG Ina

    • reply
      Anja Beckmann
      November 8, 2019 at 14:43

      Hello Ina,

      how nice that you like my photos. The photo-parade is really a great way to rummage through other bloggers.

      best regards

  • reply
    November 6, 2019 at 15:30

    Hey Anja,
    These are wonderful pictures!
    When I see the pictures of Sweden, I am all the more looking forward to my upcoming holiday.
    Best regards!

    • reply
      Anja Beckmann
      November 6, 2019 at 20:06

      Hello Jenny,

      Yes, Southern Sweden was really amazing. I wish you a good journey!

      best regards

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