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17 long-haul flight tips - such as hand luggage, clothing or sleeping

Since my trip around the world on a trip around the world, travel fever has really taken hold of me: As a full-time travel blogger, I travel about four months a year. My longest flights have been to Australia and New Zealand. Here are my 17 best long-haul flight tips. These include information on hand luggage, clothing, travel accessories, sleeping, eating and health (eg, thrombosis and fear of flying). Stress and boredom have no chance on a long flight!

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Reiseoutfit Flugzeug Co .: The best tips for comfortable, chic clothing

(Contains advertising for the Zalando Lounge). Do you know that, too? I always dream about my next trip, I like to plan it and I'm looking forward to the destination. To make sure my arrival and departure are as good as possible, a comfortable travel outfit is very important to me. I should not be too warm or too cold in it, it should be comfortable and survive the journey without wrinkles. In this article you will find my best tips for comfortable and stylish travel clothing. I also introduce you to the Zalando Lounge, where you get bargains for your vacation. I have put together a travel outfit for less than 100 euros, which I show you in the post.

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Packing list long-distance travel - plus tips for carry-on luggage for long-haul flights

Since my one-year trip around the world, I am a master of easy travel. Mostly I only fly with hand luggage, my small suitcase weighs less than eight kilos. So I travel to destinations like Bali, Thailand or Australia. I'll tell you some packing tips and have a packing list long-distance travel to print and check off for you. So you will not forget anything on your next trip!
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Holiday only with hand luggage: 8 tips for flying

(Promoting Sterillium Protect Care) I usually travel with hand luggage only - even on long-haul flights to distant destinations. A trolley and my handbag, that's enough for my luggage. I'll tell you 8 tips and tricks as you can only travel with hand luggage. On the basis of our 5 star camping holiday in southern France, I tell you what has to go with what stays at home and how I quickly get through the security check.

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Flight New York: Nonstop cheap fly

One week in the "Big Apple" with my friend - a dream! See the city from above with the Empire State Building, visit Times Square, take a ferry ride past the Statue of Liberty, browse shops, and eat delicious food. I found a cheap nonstop flight: from Dusseldorf to New York with Eurowings, for just over 500 Euros per person. In about 8 hours back and in 7.5 hours overnight without a stopover. I'll tell you about our New York flight.

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The optimal flight routine in 24 steps

Surely you know morning routines? So get up at 6 o'clock, then jog and then meditate. At 9 o'clock it's usually enough for just a mini yoga and a coffee with a cup of coffee. What does my flight routine look like, especially for a long haul flight? I'll tell you step-by-step how I do it - from flight booking, check-in and airport pick-up to the flight itself. I'll explain that to you on my nonstop flight from Frankfurt to New Orleans.

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Eurowings Blind Booking: Experiences Tips for the Surprise Flight

Imagine: You know from which airport you depart from. Also, you have decided in advance about city break, beach vacation or active trip. But your holiday destination? That remains a surprise until after the booking. In this article I share my experiences with the Eurowings Blind Booking. And tell you whether the Europe surprise flight at a fixed price is worthwhile - for example as a gift coupon.

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Priority Pass: How to get to airport lounges worldwide

I travel around four months a year, so airports are my second home. In the airport lounges I find comfortable chairs, electricity for charging my equipment, wifi, snacks and drinks. How do I get in there? The Priority Pass gives me access to over 1,000 lounges in more than 500 cities in 130 countries. The advantages and disadvantages of the world's largest airport lounge program, I present you in this article.

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