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(Contains advertising for the region) Hiking in summer and skiing in winter - this is what the Harz is known for. But there is so much more to see and to experience. I show you the most beautiful Harz attractions for your vacation: whether suspension bridge, stalactite cave, half-timbered houses, castles or (vegetarian) cafes and restaurants. And you can win a wonderful resin weekend for two!

In the highest mountains of Northern Germany

I lived in Hamburg and Bremen for a long time. Northern Germany is flat everywhere? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that!

The Harz is the highest mountain in Northern Germany, the Brocken is 1,141 meters high . The mountains are 110 kilometers long and up to 40 kilometers wide.

Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia and Lower Saxony meet here. The largest part is in Saxony-Anhalt.

For my Instagram story highlight "Harz" I did a survey: Almost half of the participants have been here before.

So I also knew the Harz from earlier family holidays . Now I was on a road trip there for a week.

And maybe you will soon follow in my footsteps: Until October 30, 2019, you can participate in the Harz competition #followyourharz and win a weekend full of highlights.

Arrival by train, then road trip through the Harz

By train I traveled from the Rhineland to Göttingen at the end of July. There I took a small rental car to go on my road trip through the eastern Harz .

Driving in the Harz with Navi was easy by the way. Except for the cities were usually only a few drivers on the road.

Beautiful apartment Harz - am Brocken

My starting point was two accommodations. The holiday resort Zum Wildbach (Barenberg 15e, 38879 Wernigerode-Schierke) is located at the foot of the Brocken.

My apartment was nicely decorated: It had a bedroom and living room, kitchen, bathroom and a small terrace. I could park my car right in front of the house.

In the morning I strengthened myself at the breakfast buffet, in the evening I ate in the neighboring restaurant "to the cliff" . Here were three vegetarian dishes on the menu, I can recommend the potato pan.

From Schierke you can take about the well-known narrow-gauge railway . I would like to drive with the steam-powered Brockenbahn . In winter with snow it must be a particularly romantic experience.

Also you can find here the parent company of the herbal half-bitters Schierker Feuerstein .

You can visit the old pharmacy of founder Willy Drube (Brockenstr. 3), follow in the footsteps of the more than 100 years old drink and buy it there.

Harz hotel with swimming pool

The Berghotel Ilsenburg (Suental 5) was perfect for resting. I drove through the forest and parked my car in the large parking lot.

Outside the 4 star hotel I saw many sun loungers. Great to enjoy the nice weather!

In the wellness area you can use pool, sauna or massage studio. In addition, you will find numerous hiking trails in the area.

On every first Saturday in August, the Romantic Night takes place in the monastery Drübeck (Ilsenburg). I was lucky enough to experience the 18th event.

My evening started at a long table with the four course menu "Der Grüne Teller" . Class for me as a vegetarian, I just had to omit the meat at the main course. The good food was accompanied by historical stories, live music and shows.

Afterwards I strolled over the monastery grounds and looked at the many lights . Again and again there were performances, readings and concerts. Also, many stalls with goodies.

Harz holiday with dog

Dogs were allowed in both accommodations. No wonder, in the Harz I saw many dog ​​owners with their four-legged friends.

Whether in hotels, restaurants, cafes or in the woods. Hiking offers itself with dog. I'll definitely be back with Carsten and Buddy!

Great resin sights

1) suspension bridge Titan RT - pure thrill!

Who of you dare? The 100 meter high and 458.5 meter long pedestrian suspension bridge Titan RT is located above the Rappbodetalsperre. It was opened in 2017.

The bridge offers a sensational view . But for that you have to run over the grate, through which you can look down. And the Titan RT rocks gently back and forth.

No problem, because you have nerves of steel? How about Megazipline , the longest double-rope slide in Europe? With up to 85 km / h you fly over the Titan RT and then glides through the Rappbodetal, to the destination one kilometer away.

Other activities include the Gigaswing (pendulum swing nearly 75 meters in depth) or wallrunning ( headfirst on the dam wall Wendefurth in the depth).

The suspension bridge is very popular , even with me she was a highlight among the Harz attractions. When I was there, the first parking lot was occupied. The slightly farther second parking lot still offered space.

Are you interested in accessibility at the Harz attractions? On the Harz website you will find a list of museums and leisure facilities that are fully or partially accessible.

2) Harz sights: Baumannshöhle with stalactites

From the warmth of the sun, we went down into the cool interior of the earth - up to 35 meters deep , at 8 degrees. During a 50-minute group tour I looked at the Baumannshöhle , which belongs to the Rübeländer stalactite caves (Blankenburger Straße 36).

It is just a few minutes drive from the suspension bridge. If you want to experience both, I recommend the combination ticket "heaven and cave" .

21 cavities can be found in the Baumannshöhle. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe visited the cave several times. He gave the Goethesaal its name, the largest cavity.

It is Germany's only underground natural stage with the artificially created Wolfgangsee. And scenery for many theater performances, concerts and weddings - that must be very impressive!

We walked past stalactites, a bear skeleton and saw a number of bats. In the cold season several thousand hibernate here.

Important are warm clothes and sturdy shoes for the uneven road. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take photographs in the cave. This is to prevent accidents and protect the bats.

3) Monastery Michaelstein: of music, flowers honey

The Michaelstein Monastery (Michaelstein 3, 38889 Blankenburg) is a former Cistercian monastery. Today it houses, for example, a museum, music academy, concert and event venue, hotel as well as vegetable and herb gardens.

Especially nice I found a wild flower meadow in many colors. I would have liked to lie down, look into the blue sky and be swarmed by butterflies.

Instead, I first looked at the musical instruments. Especially exciting was the music machine by Salomon de Caus, built according to his design from the early 17th century. Hydropower causes the organ to sound and moves the nymph figure. You have to take a look!

After that I met beekeeper André Koppelin from the Harz mountain dairy . He showed me his beehives, some of which are on the monastery grounds. So that the bees did not sting me, I was protected with jacket and beekeeper hat.

What I did not know before: For the nectar of 500 grams of honey, the bees have to cover a distance of 40,000 kilometers. Meanwhile, they pollinate around 6.5 million flowers.

If you are in the Harz, be sure to take a tour with André! He knows everything about the bees and can tell you how important they are to nature and fruit production. Then you can buy his honey in the monastery shop.

I also tried different types of honey. And was surprised how much they differ in taste and texture. One I took directly from the honeycomb, I almost tasted the flowers out.

4) Harz Attractions: Picturesque Quedlinburg

I visited several cities in the Harz and fell in love with the colorful half-timbered houses and the cobbled streets and squares .

Quedlinburg ( around 22,000 inhabitants ) has around 2,000 half-timbered houses from eight centuries to offer in the historic old town. The architectural work of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

I also liked the many nice cafes and restaurants . The latter were often suitable for vegetarians like me. Unfortunately I did not make cream puffs and tree cakes, that will be done later.

When traveling, I not only learn about the food, but also about the region. But I also like to meet local producers like André or Simone Seiboth.

The owner of the Quedlinburg Mustard Manufactory (Neuer Weg 23) showed me how around 60 mustard varieties are produced by hand. Like the extra sharp "Harzer Teufelszeug - Carolina Feuer" or mustard with apricots, beer or ginger.

On the website you will find information about a one-hour guided tour . There you will learn everything about the production, the effect of mustard and you can try it.

Or would you prefer to make it yourself? In the mustard workshop (about 1.5 to 2 hours), you mash the mustard seeds, stir with other ingredients, fill in the mustard, label it and take it home.

A visit to the Harz region (Steinbrücke 20) in the city center is also worthwhile, as there are many regional delicacies.

Then I ate at Schiller's (>

5) Harz sights: Wernigerode with fairytale castle

All roads lead to Rome? I frequently landed in Wernigerode in Saxony-Anhalt on my road trip ( around 35,000 inhabitants ).

There you will find the enchanting Wernigerode Castle (once a medieval castle) perched on a hill above the city.

A visit to the nearly 50 rooms of the museum is worthwhile! You can experience how the high nobility lived in the 19th century. I loved the armor, bedchambers and splendid dining room.

By the way, did you know that many films were made in the Harz? Here is a list . For example, Wernigerode Castle was the setting for "The Little Ghost" .

A co-worker showed me the castle: from the cellar to the tower . In the attic, she pulled on a chain, then rose a creaking casket and the ghost appeared. And from the tower you have in clear weather clear view to the chunks.

You can take part in numerous guided tours , such as a tower and vault tour, a costume tour or a scary flashlight tour.

Important to know: You are only allowed to photograph and film outside and in the courtyard.

Here you can find all information about the journey . I had the choice to walk up the Anger / Schloss car park (Halberstädter Str. 24) or to take the Schlossbahn .

After a local reassured me that it was easy, I set off on foot. I did not quite find the fairly steep path, but it was a nice walk. You can do it with a quick step in 20 minutes, I needed a little bit longer for it. Back I took the tourist train that stopped near the city hall.

What I really liked next to the castle? The market square with town hall of Wernigerode. Since he was very busy in the afternoon, I came back early in the morning. And was able to photograph the beautiful half-timbered houses without people.

On the recommendation of some Instagram users I came to the restaurant Casa Vita (Marktstraße 39). The cozy restaurant offers many vegetarian and some vegan dishes. I took gnocchi with figs, goat cheese and thyme.

Reserve better there. I was there on Friday at 18 clock, everything was full.

6) Harz Sights: Castle Gardens in Blankenburg

The baroque palace gardens of Blankenburg belong to the "Garden Dreams - Historic Gardens and Parks in Saxony-Anhalt". They extend over 100 hectares between the Great and Small Castle.

At the Little Castle I found the wonderfully beautiful terraced garden with fountains, sandstone figures and flowers.

Had I had a little more time, I would have also looked at the mountain garden with tea house , the large castle park with its approximately 200-year-old avenue of sweet chestnuts and the pheasant garden .

7) glass manufactory resin crystal

Have you ever watched a glassblower at work? At the Glasmanufaktur resin crystal (Outdoor Felde 5, 38895 Blankenburg-Derenburg) you can experience that.

During the group tour we watched, we formed a tender swan. Then I made a blue drinking glass with glassmaker Torsten Kunze.

And we looked at "Küttner's ball", the world's largest globe made of glass with around 500 kilos. By the way, a look in the shop is also worthwhile, as there are beautiful lampshades.

8) Lively town Goslar with monastery Wöltingerode

At the town of Goslar ( around 50,000 inhabitants ) I really liked the old town , which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

I also found a great restaurant, Veggie Vegan - Schneeweiß und Rosenrot (Bäckerstraße 105).

You can sit inside or outside. I ate a delicious bagel burger with lentil-bean patty, berry chutney and feta cheese. Also good was the fruit cake along with Cold Brew Latte with oatmeal.

Kloster Wöltingerode (Wöltingerode 1, 38690 Goslar): The monastery is a beautiful, quiet complex with several buildings and gardens.

Since 1621 beer is produced in the monastery, since 1682 high percentage. Many come here to visit the monastery distillery. Here is burned according to old recipe in copper vessels.

On the website you will find an overview of the tours of the monastery and distillery.

The trial takes about an hour. It's about the history of the distillery, you take a look inside and take part in a tasting. How about the varieties cumin, apricot or ginger?

My conclusion to the Harz holiday

By car you can easily explore the low mountain range on your own. I really liked the colorful half-timbered houses, castles and nice restaurants. And the warm people with their interesting projects. Be it a beekeeper, mustard maker or glassblower - everyone was passionate about it.

The resin is really diverse and also recommended for vegetarians or holidays with a dog .

Resin raffle #followyour resin

You wanted to travel to the Harz Mountains? Until October 30, 2019 you can participate in the Harz competition #followyourharz .

You can win this:

  • two nights for two people in a chic hotel
  • Visit the Rübeländer stalactite caves
  • Passage over the suspension bridge Titan RT
  • fairy-tale castle Wernigerode

Harz attractions - what do you like most?

Many thanks for the invitation to the trip to the Harz Tourist Board, it was supported by grants from the State of Saxony-Anhalt. Further information about the region can be found on the Harz website .

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