How has my travel style changed?


I still love to travel. But differently than before. After my one-year trip around the world, the focus was on long-distance travel, today it's more about trips to Germany and Europe. In the article I tell you what has changed: z. B. on arrival, luggage, accommodation and food. And what has remained the same. With this I take part in Sabine's blog parade (Ferngeweht).

What hasn't changed

As a child, my first trips to France with my family went to camping. Since then I love the sea and food while traveling . The latter led to my blog name Travel on Toast.

I met Carsten when I was 19, and the photo was taken shortly before. After many years of long-distance relationships (Hamburg - Rhineland, Bremen - Rhineland, Cologne - Mönchengladbach) we moved in together. Yeah!

I am still very curious about the world and have a whole list of dream travel destinations . So I just spontaneously booked Tel Aviv for March.

What remains the same:

  • I hate packing suitcases , I always put it off until the last second.
  • I even less like getting on a plane, I am very afraid of flying .
  • I am rather careful and well organized. Skydiving is not for me, I have never missed a train or flight.
  • I like to sleep in when traveling , so I prefer to watch the sunset instead of the sunrise.
  • I prefer eating to sport , unfortunately. But I like being in the water, I could snorkel for hours. I also like yoga very much.
  • I often find it more exciting to get lost in cities than to really see all the classic sights.
  • Although I have studied art history (in addition to German literature and political science), I can rarely be found in museums. For that, I love crazy architecture like in Rotterdam.
  • I spend a lot of time in cafes, restaurants, with street art or at flea markets .
  • With Carsten I share the love for everything from the sixties (scooters like Vespa and Lambretta, space age design and clothing, music), road trips and dog buddy .
  • Incidentally, I also have a motorcycle license in addition to the car . However, I haven't had a car or scooter for ten years. For road trips I get behind the wheel.
  • I still don't like to be photographed , so there are only a few pictures of me. But soon again, I promise!

What has changed

I used to love traveling alone. A real adventure. On the world trip , I was largely unaccompanied. And I met many other solo travelers in the hostels. For a long time after that I really liked this way of traveling.

When did that change? When I moved in with Carsten in October 2017 . A real change came when Dog Buddy came to us in June 2018 .

He is a big hunting dog, he doesn't fly. It is too jittery for trains and buses. So we try to go on vacation with the dog by car as often as possible. For this we also bought a van .

Since I am self - employed as a full-time travel blogger, I could travel flexibly. But when I'm traveling alone, I miss Carsten and Buddy very much.

With friends it works well, like recently to Morocco, Andalusia and France. However, these were rather shorter trips.

Traveling to Australia, New Zealand or Mexico - I used to do that. In the meantime, I am increasingly traveling in Germany and Europe.

Morocco was the only country outside of Europe among the twelve trips in 2019 .

I haven't seen a lot on our continent. There are also many places here that I always like to return to.

That's how I fell in love with the Greek islands . In June 2020 I will travel to the Cyclades for the third time. My previous island favorite: Paros , hence the photo above.

But I can't completely leave long-distance travel, even if it is much less than before. In January 2020 I will be in Thailand and Singapore again .

After traveling the world, I was alone for four to six weeks once a year . I don't need that anymore today.

Now I feel very comfortable in the home office with a dog in the Rhineland. Variety and food for my blog bring short breaks and medium-long trips (up to 2 weeks), preferably with Carsten and Buddy.

The photo was taken during one of our trips to the Eifel. Also this year I'm going to the Christmas market in Aachen again .

The dream beach with palm trees attracts me much less than before.

However, I recently enjoyed the city beach in Cadiz (Andalusia) to the fullest. In the morning I lay down in one of the deckchairs and looked at the sea.

But I quickly get bored on the beach and too much sun is not good for my fair skin. On city ​​trips I love the many highlights, shops, cafes, restaurants and flea markets .

For example, the Amsterdam IJ Hallen flea market is the largest flea market in Europe and the largest flea market in Belgium is the Tongeren flea market.

By train, I can quickly get to Amsterdam, Antwerp or Paris from the Rhineland.

I can also make city trips all year round. Rome, for example, was very pleasant in spring, as was Seville in autumn. Lisbon in winter also offers a lot of sun at this time of year. I also like classic winter experiences, Christmas in London was magical.

Do you already know this article?
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For the sake of the environment, too, I make sure that whenever possible I take a car, train or long-distance bus instead of a flight.

London by train worked great. I have been on the road with Flixbus several times, most recently in Colmar (France) . And we went on vacation with a dog by the sea in Kolberg , we went to Poland by car . Incidentally, the picture comes from an earlier road trip through Ireland.

Our van still has to be made ready to drive. So a gas system is installed. The first major trip should go to Sweden in summer 2020.

What I carried around with me during my trip around the world ... Almost complete hiking gear. I don't like hiking at all and hardly needed the expensive things.

After several trips I noticed that I only ever use my favorite clothes. It is comfortable to wear, easy to combine and easy to care for. So why take more with you? Instead, I have them washed on the go.

Above you can see me on the Greek island of Naxos. The red suitcase in hand luggage format is usually included, often with a small photo backpack .

Even on long-distance trips, I only take hand luggage, here you can find my packing list long-distance travel or packing list Thailand .

Advantages :

  • I can move freely and travel long distances with the small suitcase.
  • I don't pay for a piece of luggage on flights.
  • I don't have to spend time checking it in at the counter.
  • When I arrive I don't have to wait for it at the baggage carousel.
  • It cannot be lost.

Some airlines measure and weigh hand luggage before departure. So better pay attention to the given dimensions and weight!

Here are my 17 tips and tricks for long-haul flights .

As a solo traveler, I found hostels with shared rooms to be great for getting to know others. Now I only do that in expensive cities like Sydney or Tokyo .

In New York, Carsten and I had a single room in a hostel . Alone I usually book female rooms with as few beds as possible . This minimizes the risk of someone packing their suitcases or blow-drying at 2 a.m.

I love great hotels . Nicely decorated, with a pool and in a good location. But I always check whether the price-performance ratio is right.

In Asia I am traveling alone again, so I pay only for the hotel room. Fortunately, even great hotels in Bangkok are often relatively cheap. Do you already know this article?
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I have been vegetarian and often vegan since December 2018. When traveling, it is often easy to find suitable restaurants and cafés, especially in capital cities. But there are now also corresponding offers in smaller cities.

You can find tips on this in these travel reports:

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How has your travel style changed?

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After a year traveling the world, I am now a full-time travel blogger. My friend Carsten and I like to go on vacation with dog Buddy. Whether near or far, city trips, road trips or veggie food - in the blog you will find travel tips, travel reports and real insider tips. I take you live via Instagram Stories.

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    Sabine from the far wind
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    Thanks for the insight into your new travel style - a lot has changed. I am glad that you took part in my blog parade!

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      Very much, that was fun!

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