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Are you looking for suggestions for great travel destinations with a dog? In this article, seven bloggers (I'm also there) reveal their best tips for dog holidays - whether Germany or the Netherlands, the Baltic Sea or mountains, cottage or campsite. The one or other insider tip is also there. Check it out and leave happy your favorite destinations for the holiday with dog in the comments!

Dog beaches, great forests for long walks, dog-friendly restaurants or locals - where are the best holiday destinations with a dog? In this article you will find the tips of bloggers for your dog holiday. And you already know my packing list vacation with dog to print out and check off?

1) Fratuschi Blog: Dog holiday on Sylt

Imagine yourself, your dog and your blog.

Good Morning! My name is Sabine and on I talk about luxury travel and special experiences. With my husband Michael and dog Bruno I drive about four times a year for several weeks on the North Sea island of Sylt - felt our second home.

We love to enjoy Sylt in the low season almost on our own, especially between January and March .

What is your travel style for the dog holiday?

From our place of residence near Duisburg we drive about seven hours by car to Niebüll in Nordfriesland. From there it goes by car train about 40 minutes on the Hindenburgdamm on the island. Bruno - our 40 kilos herding dog - feels comfortable in the trunk and sleeps most of the time.

As a rule, we always rent the same holiday home on Sylt. Shorter stays we also like to spend in the hotel . Most landlords and hoteliers are prepared for guests with dogs and even offer special arrangements for the four-legged friends.

Why is Sylt great for a holiday with a dog?

Sylt is a dog-friendly island : there are plenty of dog beaches , in front of many shops are water bowls and in most restaurants , the fur noses are also welcome. Even events such as Watt walks with dog are offered here.

Which are your favorite holiday destinations with dogs on Sylt?

Kampen still has not gotten rid of his fateful reputation, which was dominated by Gunter Sachs in the sixties. Too bad. Anyone who knows Kampen appreciates the place for its natural highlights , but also the large gastronomic offer , in whose localities dogs are welcome.

I recommend the well-known "Red Cliff" to you, preferably for the evening walk. Located on the west side, you can watch spectacular sunsets here. The cliff lives up to its name and shines orange.

Directly at this place is also one of the two Kampener dog beaches . The other one is further north. Located directly on the equally famous Buhne 16, you can quite relaxed beach walk, sunset and gastronomy combine.

More you will learn in Sylt with dog .

The so-called elbow in Listland is a nature reserve on which lies the northernmost point of Germany . On a clear day you can look up to the Danish island of Romo.

Watt and the open sea meet. Here there is only dunes, beach, sheep and wonderful peace.

With the long towline, your faithful companion will certainly enjoy hiking around the elbow or playing in the mudflats . In the whole area of ​​List there is a strict obligation to leash , as the sheep roam free.

What you can experience on the elbow, I tell you in detail in my article Ellenbogen Sylt .

The Morsum cliff is located in the east of the island and is known as a colorful cliff. Yellow, greyish-black, brown and white shimmer the various layers of earth. And when the heath flowers purple in late summer, the landscape is truly spectacular.

The trails lead through the heathland along the cliff and reveal the view of the northern part of the island. Also here you can meet sheep , therefore and because of the many nesting bird species there: please lick your dog .

The Morsum cliff and all other highlights of the island can be found in my article Sylt sights .

2) Lill's Blog : Holiday destinations with dogs - Tegernsee, German Baltic Sea Greece

Imagine yourself, your dog and your blog.

I'm Lena, founder of Lill's Organic Dog Store and Lill's Blog . Lilly is my sweet Golden Retriever bitch, who accompanies me every step since November 2014.

We lived together until December 2015 in Greece and enjoyed the beach life there. That's why you will find on our blog many travel reports from Greece, but also health topics, personal and much about sustainability.

What is your travel style?

Our travel style is colorfully mixed and Lilly is always there when she does not have to get on a plane.

This year, for the second time, we travel with Lilly to the hotel Das Tegernsee . Luxury and wellness for us, but also a lot of nature around it for Lilly. At Easter we were the first time with the camper on the way. But we are - especially when the kids are there - like in apartments .

What is important for you during your dog holiday?

When Lilly is there, we always make sure that there is a lot of nature and, at best, sea ​​or lakes in the area. And that dogs are not forbidden on beaches .

No matter where we travel, we all feel better when our mouse is welcome and not just tolerated. That's why we make it the criterion for vacation planning.

Which are your favorite dog destinations?

The fact that we spend the second time this year Christmas on Tegernsee , speaks for itself. Even though Lilly is not allowed in the "Das Tegernsee Hotel", we all had a wonderful time there.

There are great hiking trails , the lake and at Christmas a very nice Christmas market . A very special connection to the Tegernsee we have certainly because of that, because we are engaged there :) Here is the article .

In February we were with Lilly for the first time on the Baltic Sea and loved the wide beaches . Whether we would travel with dog in the main season, is not sure. With a dog, it is simply a lot more fun to romp on the beach without many people, not only on the Baltic Sea. Read more in the post .

With dog in Greece especially the mainland and the off-season are recommended. The islands are almost deserted in winter, so I would only do day trips there. But these are also real highlights, because the dog has the beaches completely for themselves.

We have been on the ferry in Greece a lot, which Lilly knew from an early age. In the blog there is an article about ferry with dog, which is certainly helpful.

Meteora is a very nice destination with a dog. The mountains, forests and mountain lakes offer protection from the heat in midsummer and are almost deserted. Read more in the article .

Athens itself also offers a lot for dogs. Here is a little guide with our favorite parks in Athens.

3) Blog Mallorca talks : Harz, camping NRW holiday with dog in Mallorca

Imagine yourself, your dog and your blog.

My name is Barbara Röss - I am a journalist and blogger at . There I write about the real treasures of the island of Mallorca. Always by my side: my little, unfortunately very heart sick Chihuahua Ratero Mallorquin bitch Elfie.

What is your travel style?

Elfie and I have the luxury of living by the sea in Mallorca. Therefore, we like to travel in the low season by car and within Germany (or the surrounding countries ).

We then drive away for a few days to a week - both with the caravan , and in dog-friendly hotels .

What is important for you during your dog holiday?

Elfie is old and has heart disease , so stress is not for her. I choose the hotels or campsites afterwards, where Elfie (almost) everywhere may be. Swimming pools now excepted. ;)

In addition, a fridge in the room or the apartment duty, so I can store the liverwurst for Elfies medication cool.

Which are your favorite holiday destinations with a dog?

Most of all, we drive to the health food hotel Harz in Bad Grund.

Located in the beautiful Harz, Bad Grund is somehow special: this place has a charm that I like. The entire village is "weird" and probably got stuck somewhere in the 50's / 60's.

The old hairdressing salon is more a mining museum than the over 80 year old owner Mr Wurm still cuts hair. But he always remembers what you bought from him a year ago and (!) How the cute little puppy is.

The health food hotel offers raw food gourmet weeks , which I really like. The food is awesome and operator Matthias Birkhölzer always gives us a room with garden access , so that Elfie can roll around in the morning directly in the grass.

When I go swimming in the small swimming pool , Elfie sits in the garden in front of the big windowpane and watches me.

The wonderful hikes directly from the house on the King Hübich route she enjoys in a backpack , with short run insoles. Always a relaxing short break with wonderful little excitement.

Immediately thereafter on the favorites list are tours with the caravan . Elfie loves to stay in the same place (unlike her owner). So while she gets on motorhome tours from sheer excitement always diarrhea and vomiting, my old, röchelnde lady with campsites is super clear.

A particularly beautiful example: the Blue Lagoon between Krefeld and Venlo in Wachtendonk. Dogs are allowed on this campsite - but you have to stick to a lot of rules.

Rules like "the dog always has to stay on a leash" have never been respected in my life. Because Elfie sticks to an invisible, about a meter long leash anyway on my leg and would never go away. Nobody said anything.

At the campsite we theoretically always had to run to a large dog meadow at the end. We did that just once, the sex was just too much for me. The path was nice, but definitely.

At the attached lake - the blue lagoon - Elfie was not allowed. But since she does not care much about cocktail parties on the sandy beach with loud music at sunset, she likes to stay in the cool, quiet caravan. For all a thoroughly nice stay.

If we want to take a few days off in Majorca , my first choice would be Villa Vegana in Selva .

The vegan inland hotel is the absolute paradise for animals . In addition to two dogs, cats, ducks and two very cute pigs live here: Trudi and Tyson.

Elfie loves the finca grounds of the Villa Vegana, because everything smells so exciting. I love the peace , the delicious food , the atmosphere and the super nice owners Miriam and Jens.

Unfortunately, I usually have to go home in the evening after a wonderful dinner on the large finca terrace directly under the stars, because all rooms are fully booked.

Here you can find my video for Villa Vegana.

4) Dog TravelMore Blog: Holidays with Dog - Texel, Westerwald Austria

Imagine yourself, your dogs and your blog.

Hello, my name is Martina. I live and work in the southern Westerwald between the Hessian Limburg and the Rhineland-Palatinate Montabaur.

Always with the party are my two Rhodesian Ridgebacks Dayo and Suri, who are already over 11 years old (and of course my lovely husband).

For almost 15 years I have been advising clients in the hotel and tourism sector as a freelance PR consultant. With HundeTraisenMehr I launched a travel blog in 2012, which combines my passion for traveling with my joy in writing - and that to my favorite topic "Traveling with dogs".

What is your travel style?

In recent years we have never been on holiday for more than ten days at a time. It just did not happen somehow. But we often do short trips .

Mostly we are on the way in spring and autumn . But even in winter at a summer destination.

With two adult Rhodesian Ridgebacks, the transportation of my choice is always the car . Flying with such big dogs is out of the question for me personally. And the train is too expensive and too exhausting for me: dogs cost half the fare, but are not entitled to a (recumbent) seat.

As a rule, we live in dog-friendly hotels (I am, was and remain a "hotel girl"!). But also beautiful holiday homes can inspire me. Of course, this is always dependent on the goal.

What is important for you during your dog holiday?

With Dayo and Suri I like exploring regions where there are lots of nature, great hiking trails and / or nature reserves where dogs are allowed.

The mountains can inspire me just as much as the sea . From the accommodation should always be a small Gassigang in the countryside possible.

Which are your favorite holiday destinations with a dog?

The Netherlands is a great destination with dog (s) for me. People are often much more relaxed and friendly when dealing with (large) dogs. And in most restaurants , dogs are always offered water .

My absolute favorite is Texel . It is the dogfriendliest island I know. Dogs are allowed to reach almost all beaches during the high season. Only at the guarded sections there is a line requirement.

There are also beautiful hiking trails through the many nature reserves . There are even museums where dogs are allowed.

Here are some of my articles about Texel .

One of the underrated tourist destinations is the Westerwald ! Since I live here, he is now not a real destination for me. But we do many great excursions right on our doorstep. There are endless trails , interesting sights and dog-friendliness are usually capitalized.

Click here for the article about the Westerwald .

Of course, Austria should not be missing. I especially liked it last year in the "Nocky Mountains", the Carinthian biosphere reserve Nockberge .

At the end of September, I drove over the Nockalm road in the most beautiful weather with Dayo and Suri. And we have taken several great walks on the 34-kilometer Alpine road.

Read more about this in this article .

5) Blog Chien Normandy: Dog holidays in this region of France

Imagine yourself, your dogs and your blog.

Idgie and Ben are two border collies that could not be more different. Idgie comes from a VdH-breeding and will be seven this year. Ben is four years old and has been placed on a French animal welfare organization because he has not learned to herd.

The other end of the leash is called Barbara and has worked for many years in Germany as a journalist. To us, of course, still Eberhard, the world's best registry office souvenir and just Napffüller.

Together we have been living in Normandy for about three years. At the beginning of 2017 I launched to provide German-speaking tourists with dogs the information they need for a perfect dog holiday in Normandy.

So my page includes the blog with dog and vacation topics, but also a lot of handfree information on destinations, attractions and walks.

What is your travel style?

We are or were (unfortunately we are currently the most suitable vehicle) enthusiastic campers , long before we came to the dog. First with a VW T3 and then with the caravan. If necessary, also a holiday apartment .

We prefer to travel in the off-season . And as long as possible , simply because we then have more time to deal intensively with a place or a country.

Since we live in Normandy, we are more spontaneous on short trips - we have the most amazing holiday landscape on the doorstep and far from everything.

What is important for you during your dog holiday?

I think the mix does it. I like traveling in regions where my dog ​​is basically welcome .

Wherever possible, take my dogs to the restaurant , a place of interest or an event . It should be possible, at least in the morning and in the evening, to be able to go to the beach with the dog. In addition, there should be enough hiking trails to explore the area on foot.

We like a temperate climate - Idgie and I work from 25 degrees only limited. And very important: if possible without mass tourism.

The demands on a campsite fall off similarly, rather small and fine, instead of 5-star place with entertainment and party. In holiday homes we do not need too much luxury - main thing, the garden is fenced and the beds are comfortable. :)

Which are your favorite dog destinations?

Normandy, Normandy and Normandy !

Notably the Côte des Havres in the south of the Cotentin peninsula, where we now live. Why? Long sandy beaches that reach to the horizon at low tide and are not crowded even in the main season. Accordingly, you have only a few restrictions on the beaches , especially not outside the main travel season.

Normandy people love and keep dogs. It is very easy to go on holiday here. Especially when you come from Germany, you will immediately notice the unbridled handling of Normans with dogs.

In addition, on the Côte des Havres many landlords of holiday homes have specialized in dogs and dog people in recent years. There are even accommodations where you are welcome with a big pack. And last but not least: you can experience a lot together with dog here, almost everywhere the licorice nose is welcome.

If you like it quite lonely (and do not really need the sea to be happy), then head to the Orne, another absolute insider tip . Here Normandy is still really original, mass tourism a foreign word. There are real gems to discover, picturesque little towns or the Perche Regional Natural Park .

6) Blog Movin'n'Groovin: Dog Holiday in Greece Spain

Imagine yourself, your dog and your blog.

My name is Mandy and I live and travel in Europe for over three years in Campervan. Findelhund Marko Polo from Albania has been on board for almost two years.

At Movin'n'Groovin I blog about my life in the van, the experiences on the way as well as the funny or annoying moments on the way with a dog. In addition, together with friends, I run the Vegan on Travel project, a travel information portal for vegan travel.

Marko is about three years old, friends have found him in Albania on the street. He is a wild mix of Rottweiler, Labrador and probably more ... Marko loves all humans, in dogs he is more picky. Since he can always look nice, I have dedicated his own Instagram channel: marko.polo.vandog

What is your travel style?

For two years we travel together in Campervan through Europe . Since Marko is with me, I travel much slower . That means I stay longer in one place. Because Marko always needs a few days to explore the new area and to "settle down" something.

Most of the time we are out in nature , we go very often and like to hike . We also like to spend our time by the sea or on a lake . Marko is a water rat and loves to rescue bats from the water for hours.

What is important for you during your dog holiday?

I make sure that the place is not too crowded. In the meantime, I do not like too much of a hustle and bustle, and with Marko it's just more relaxed when we drive to a quieter place . In general, I make sure that Marko feels good, because when he is stressed (by other dogs, cats ...), I can not relax either.

The good thing about living in a van: If we end up in a place where we do not feel well, then we just go on and look for a new place to stay.

Which are your favorite holiday destinations with a dog?

For almost a year now I have been traveling in Greece, from the Epirus in the north to the Peloponnese in the south of the mainland.

Especially the peninsula Peloponnese has done to me. We have discovered many beautiful corners there:

  • lonely bays
  • Mountains for hiking
  • small villages to stay

In Leonidio we spent a few weeks together with friends. There is a beautiful beach , a campsite ( Camping Semeli ), mountains and climbing routes (a sport that I discovered only in Leonidio for me).

The region is visited by many climbers. However, there is not much going on during the hikes. Most of the time we were traveling alone and met at most a few goats on the way.

In Greece, traveling with a dog is not a problem, but there is a lot to consider. First, there are many strays . The pain is seen almost every day and it breaks my heart every time that you can not help all the dogs. The strays are usually very shy and run rather away , we had problems with those previously not.

The other issue is poison baits , which are designed in many areas especially at the beginning of the summer season to reduce the number of stray dogs. Therefore, Marko usually carries a poison bait protection when hiking in regions unknown to me. This is a kind of muzzle with net, so that he can breathe comfortably and drink, but eat nothing.

You can read more in this post .

We were several weeks on the way inland in Spain and have virtually "hiked" the country. I found it particularly beautiful in El Chorro, north of Málaga .

The area is known by the Caminito del Rey , once the "most dangerous trail in the world". But he still has so much more to offer! There are countless hiking trails through the mountains .

For overnight we parked the van at the B B Olive Branch in El Chorro. This is a very nice location with a relaxed atmosphere and great views of the valley.

Read more about this in this article .

7) Travel on toast: vacation with dog by the sea, houseboat Eifel

That's us, our dog and my blog

My name is Anja and I founded my blog "Travel on Toast" in 2012 after a one-year trip around the world.

In June 2018, dog Buddy came to my friend Carsten and me, at eight months and after two previous owners.

Since then, "Bazi" (= rascal) has whirled our lives a lot. And in this blog, there is now the category vacation with dog . The photos from the dog holiday are mostly from Buddy and him with Carsten. Because I often find myself behind the camera.

What do our trips with dogs look like?

Buddy is a Vizsla, a Hungarian hunting dog. For the aircraft cabin, it is too big, too busy for train and long-distance bus. So we drove by car and now have a dream come true: buy a van .

What is important to us during the dog holiday?

The main thing is, most locals like dogs . Also, the journey should not be too far and the temperatures rather moderate , because Buddy can not stand strong heat.

Which are our favorite holiday destinations with a dog?

So far, we have made two holidays with a dog in Kolberg. The people there are very dog ​​friendly and love our wild bumblebee. We are allowed to go with him to most restaurants and cafes .

There are two dog beaches , many forests and we are conveniently located in Kołobrzeg in a holiday apartment .

In the summer, however, it can be quite crowded in this popular seaside resort. We were there last February, since we had the beautiful beaches almost to ourselves. Spring and autumn are also worthwhile.

Click here for the article about the Baltic Sea holiday in Poland .

And you already know my packing list holidays with dog , a handy checklist to print and check off?

Getting to Alsace was fast and Buddy quickly got used to life on board. We could put on the houseboat at will to go with him. It was nice to spend the time with the dog holiday for three.

I particularly liked the evenings when Carsten and I drank a wine and Buddy was lying next to us.

In this post you will find everything for houseboat holidays with a dog .

Otherwise, we often make short trips to the surrounding area. So I can recommend the Eifel, there is a lot of nature, beautiful castles and castles and picturesque towns .

However, it can be crowded at the weekend in places like Monschau. Come here during the week .

Which are your favorite travel destinations for the dog holiday?

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