Christmas Market Cologne 2019: Tips for the Top 6 Christmas Markets


The cathedral city is always worth a visit. But it is particularly atmospheric in the run up to Christmas. Then Cologne's Christmas markets at the cathedral, Haymarket or Chocolate Museum attract many visitors - with lights, gift ideas, handicrafts, mulled wine and delicious food. I lived in Cologne for twelve years and I am still there frequently. Here are my best tips for the Christmas market Cologne: the six most beautiful Christmas markets, the best stands, dates or opening times and matching hotels.

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Christmas Market Cologne 2019 (NRW): The most beautiful Christmas markets

I like Christmas markets and often meet friends for a mulled wine.

In Cologne, there is a huge selection of Christmas markets, there is really something for every taste. Whether classic, historic or skating rink.

Most markets are open since 25 November 2019 and end on 23 December 2019.

By then six million visitors are expected. Not bad with a population of 1.1 million in Cologne.

As a local, I'll tell you which Christmas markets are particularly worthwhile, where the most beautiful stands are and many other practical tips.

Incidentally, these guides that you can find on are helpful in planning your trip to Cologne:

Bruckmann travel guide: 99 x Cologne , as you do not know it
Travel guide: Where to stay in Cologne best? If you book a hotel at the central station or Cologne Cathedral, you can reach many Christmas markets within walking distance. Or you take the tourist train, subway or suburban train to get to your destination.

Much more beautiful than location, however, I find the Belgian Quarter, in which I have lived for a long time. It is just two metro stops from the main train station. From here you can visit the Christmas market in the city garden, go shopping in the street of honor or visit one of the many restaurants and cafes.

I really liked the 3 star hotel Casa Colonia (as all the hotel tips about bookable). It is located in Machabäerstraße 63, close to the main train station and the cathedral. Very handy if you are arriving by train.

The small hotel is centrally located, but still quiet, is nicely decorated, has a great value for money and excellent reviews. The breakfast buffet was very good: with scrambled eggs, fruit salad and latte macchiato. Check availability and prices now on

I love the cool 25hours Hotel The Circle (Klapperhof 22 - 24), the Friesenplatz and the Belgian Quarter. It has fabulous reviews, from a total of over 2,100 guests.

If you are lucky, you can see the Cologne Cathedral from the hotel room - as in the photo above.

The room is like the whole hotel in the retro space style decorated, with many lovely details. Down in the lobby you will find a nice café and funny little shops. Check availability and prices now on

Also great is the Lindner Hotel City Plaza (Magnusstrasse 20), also located at the Friesenplatz. It has very good reviews, from over 3,200 guests.

Here you will find in many places Cologne motifs. This ranges from the pillow in cathedral form on murals in the hallway to Carnival or the Cologne Zoo.

It offers a sauna, gym, restaurant and bar. Perfect: Saturdays until 11am and Sundays until 12pm breakfast.

Check availability and prices now on

1) Christmas market at Cologne Cathedral - the classic

until December 23, 2019

Sun - Wed: 11 to 21 o'clock
Th - Fr: 11am to 10pm
Sa: 10 to 22 o'clock

I just can not get enough of Cologne Cathedral, even though I lived in the cathedral city for many years. The scenery makes this Christmas market something special. And that it is so central: If you arrive by train in Cologne, it is only a few steps to the entrance.

The "Market of the Hearts" on Roncalliplatz is large ( around 150 booths over 7,000 square meters) .

Four million visitors are expected here during the Christmas season. Especially on weekends it can get very crowded, it's better to come here during the week and then before it's over.

However, the Christmas market at Cologne Cathedral with its many lights after dark is particularly romantic. A 25 meter high Christmas tree rises above him. It is the highest natural Christmas tree in NRW. From him goes out a light tent, it has 70,000 lights .

As on some other Christmas markets in Cologne, there are stage events and hands-on activities .

Whether you want to drink mulled wine, eat something delicious like raclette, buy handicrafts or Christmas presents: here you will definitely find what you are looking for! There is about wood art, glass blowing or beautiful felt and wool.

Kölsche Reibekuchen (Rievkooche) can be ordered at booth no. 85 or 116. Dom speculoos you get about at the stands No. 12 and No. 42. You want to give away a cathedral in the glass ball (booth no. 96) or wooden jewelry (booth no. 33)? By the way, you can shoot the photo above booth number 125.

I am a vegetarian and often vegan on the go. On the Christmas markets Cologne is slowly becoming something. But in the simple over-the-Christmas-market-running I have not seen any suitable food offers. It's worth researching beforehand.

On the Christmas market at the Cologne Cathedral there is the booth no. 94 with "Vegan Gourmet Food" by "Bunte Burger". There you can order pure vegetable hot dogs, Kaiserschmarrn and organic craft beer.

On Facebook someone said that the strudel on the Alter Markt are also partially vegan. I have to try this on my next visit. If you have more tips - always with it!

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If you are already for a weekend or a short break in Cologne, you might also want to see more highlights. I always book my tickets and tours through Get your Guide, when you click on one of the tours you will get the complete offer for Cologne.

2) Cologne Christmas Market Heumarkt / Alter Markt (Old Town) - the largest Christmas market

Old Market: until December 23, 2019
Heumarkt: until 6th January 2020

daily from 11am to 10pm
Heumarkt: 24. and 25.12. Rest days, from 26.12. daily 11am - 9pm

The Christmas market in Cologne's old town is simply huge! You can walk from the cathedral to the Alter Markt and on to the Heumarkt. Cologne's largest Christmas market stretches over 10,000 square meters and offers 120 stalls .

I especially like the ice skating rinks and the track for curling at Heumarkt . The ice landscape covers 1,800 square meters. From the bridge over the ice, you can wave to your friends who are making their rounds of swing music.

The atmosphere on "Heinzel's Winter's Tale" is truly magical. It reminds me a bit of the world of Harry Potter. Lots of history, lots of colors and lights and a pinch of magic. Everywhere you will find the Heinzelmännchen , the diligent Cologne house spirits.

Let's just float, past colorful houses and stalls. There are about a craftsman, an antique, a snack and a toy alley.

In Krämergasse I liked the dome glass very much. Here you get Kölschgläser with a small dome on the ground or even these necklaces with Domanhängern.

In the toy lane you will find historical teddies, tin toys and scraps. Or do you want to buy historical Christmas decorations or jewelry in the Antikgasse? Scarves, hats, gloves or plush warming bottles are waiting for you in Wintergasse.

3) Cologne Christmas market in the city garden - the cool

until December 23, 2019

Mo - Fr: 16 - 21.30
Sat and Sun: 12 - 21:30

I've lived in the Belgian Quarter for a long time. It's hip, lively and alternative . And so is the Cologne Christmas Market in the Stadtgarten with its over 90 exhibitors .

Here you will find many beautiful stalls with gift ideas, handicrafts, goodies and mulled wine.

I really love cinnamon buns, they are available at stall no. 2: big, juicy and cinnamon. At booth # 22 you can buy liquorice in different flavors. Or how about a glass pendant in the form of a dome of No. 54? But as already described: The providers change already.

4) Cologne Christmas Market at the Chocolate Museum - very maritime

until December 23, 2019

daily from 11am to 9pm
Fri and Sat: 11 am - 10 pm

The harbor Christmas market in Rheinauhafen has a lot of flair. Not only mariners feel comfortable here!

In front of the chocolate museum 80 stalls offer beautiful and delicious food. Everywhere you see lighthouses, lifebuoys, fish or ship pictures.

At the 15 meter long wooden ship "Trudel" you can drink mulled wine. Sailors present Finnish specialties with salmon, fish rolls or soup at other stands.

The wedding sounds like a joke : a captain closes the marriage "officially" (or rather not) with a certificate, for only 24 hours. Unfortunately, the dates for 2019 are already booked.

5) Christmas market Cologne on the Neumarkt - with angels and Nicholas

until December 23, 2019

Sun - Thu: 11am - 9pm
Fri and Sat: 11 am - 10 pm

The Neumarkt is centrally located in the city center. My first impression, when I saw the "market of the angels" with its 93 stalls : are that many lights! Everywhere the stars seemed to float in the trees, there are 750 lights in total.

25 angels visit the Christmas market on the Neumarkt every now and then. When I was there, an angel was just riding past a horse - in a white robe and with wings. Nicholas followed him. Great for all children!

If you have no luck at the many stands with gift ideas, you can continue the Christmas shopping in about the Ehrenstraße, Schildergasse or on the High Street.

Stand no. 59 offers colorful clay houses, as can be seen in the old town of Cologne. Unusual Christmas decorations can be found at booth no. 29: z. B. in the form of lighthouse, caravan or scooter. At No. 65 I would have bought almost one of the beautiful Turkish lamps, also tiles with Dommotiv are offered here. At booth no. 7, you will get Cologne cathedral stollen and Christmas cookies.

6) Cologne Christmas market Rudolfplatz - good mood guaranteed!

until December 23, 2019

Sun - Thu: 11am - 9pm
Fri: 11 am - 10 pm
Sat: 10am - 10pm

Of all six Christmas markets, the mood at Nikolausdorf seemed to me the most exuberant . Families and friends gathered in small groups, ate and drank something. The Kölsch songs were sung along, of course.

The Hahnentorburg from the 13th century is also great as a backdrop. In addition, the stalls are designed like half-timbered houses - very pretty!

Christmas Markets Cologne: Frequently asked questions about Christmas time

Most Christmas Markets in Cologne are open until December 23, 2019. Only at Heumarkt is open until 6th January 2020.

The Christmas market at the Cologne Cathedral with its approximately 150 stalls counts up to four million visitors per year.

The Christmas market in the old town of Cologne around Alter Markt and Heumarkt is the largest. It offers various surfaces for skating.

Most visitors have the Christmas market at Cologne Cathedral. Good alternatives are the Christmas market at the Chocolate Museum or the small, hip Christmas market in the city garden.

Conveniently located hotels near the cathedral. From there, visitors can walk to many Christmas markets. From hotels around the Friesenplatz is about the Christmas market in the city garden within easy reach.

Cologne Christmas Market - which one do you like most?

Christmas in Cologne: Book a weekend or short break now

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Travel guide:

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