Vegetarian and vegan travel: Nice holiday destinations and hotels


You want to holiday as a vegetarian or vegan? In this article 8 bloggers tell you (and I am also there) their best tips for destinations, hotels, restaurants and cafes. Whether vegetarian and vegan travel in Germany, Europe or worldwide. Whether short break, city break or beach holiday.

Table of Contents

1) Mandy from Movin'n'Groovin and Vegan traveling

For over three years, I live in Campervan and travel with my dog ​​Marko Polo through Europe.

In the meantime, we have been traveling in Greece for over a year and have explored many beautiful corners of the Greek mainland.

On Movin'n'Groovin I report about our journey. I've been vegan for almost 5 years. On Vegan on the road I write with our two friends about our experiences and we give tips for traveling as a vegan.

The topic of vegan is already omnipresent in the larger cities such as Athens or Thessaloniki. There you can easily find delicious dishes and sometimes even completely vegan restaurants.

But also in the rest of the country it is easy to get vegan or vegetarian. Because many traditional dishes are vegan by nature. For example "Briam" (gratinated vegetables with tomato sauce and herbs), "Spanakopita" (spinach cake) or "Imam" (stuffed aubergines in tomato sauce).

In Lent, the Greeks eat "nistisimo", which means that no animal products are served on the plate (apart from seafood). Even outside of Lent are offered everywhere dishes that are "nistisimo". Or you can just ask for it in the restaurant, then you always get a choice.

Exploring Athens definitely makes you hungry. Definitely recommend a visit to the Acropolis (best early in the morning), a trip to the "Wolfsberg" Lykavittos (the largest inner city rock in Athens) or a walk through the alternative district Exarchia with very exciting street art on the walls. Relaxation can be found in the National Garden, a 16-hectare park in the middle of the city.

Culinary offers for vegans and vegetarians there are a lot, here are my highlights:

  • Mama Tierra (84 Akadimias) - cozy atmosphere and delicious vegan dishes
  • Vegan Beat (Pandrosou 7 - 15) - a small but fine vegan restaurant with moderate prices
  • Avocado Café (Nikis 30) - a nice vegan / vegetarian café that serves coffee and cake, as well as delicious smoothies and sandwiches

More tips on Athens can be found here:
Vegan travel in Greece - Tips for Athens

In the north of Greece, Thessaloniki awaits its visitors with a story as exciting as Athens. Slightly smaller, a bit rougher, but no less interesting, the city offers an impressive mix of history and modernity.

Excavation sites at almost every corner, museums and a diverse and exciting nightlife - it is definitely not boring in Thessaloniki. I recommend going on a walking tour of the city with a guide, so you will learn a lot of exciting stories and background stories about the past and present.

To strengthen it, there is also a small but fine selection of vegan restaurants in Thessaloniki:

  • The Saints Stores (Pavlou Mela 1) - Sumptuous vegan buffet
  • Elephant in the Room (Georgiou Papandreou 11) - a bit more expensive, but a very tasty selection of vegan Mediterranean dishes

My favorite region: the Peloponnese (the "heart of Greece") invites you to explore - preferably relaxed in the car or campervan. There are historical places like Mycenae or Corinth or exciting archaeological sites in Sparta or the ancient theater of Epidaurus.

In almost every place you will find at least one tavern and / or restaurant. And as already described, you get here almost always vegan or vegetarian dishes - the best to ask for "nistisimo", then every Greek knows.

My culinary recommendations for the Peloponnese:

  • Pidalio (25is Martiou 5, Nafplio) - a Greek restaurant with many vegan options
  • Cooperative Panjika (Leonidio) - a cozy café that offers vegan cakes and food and works locally for sustainable tourism

More tips on the Peloponnese can be found here:
Vegan travel in Greece - Tips to the Peloponnese

2) Katrin of Onewaytravel

In 2018, I was on a world trip with my friend for almost a year. Since then we report on our travel blog Onewaytravel on the topic of world travel and everything that goes with it. Planning, implementation, costs, route suggestions, travel tips and changes through a trip around the world.

The biggest change I experienced through my diet change. On the journey I started to eat vegetarian food. Meanwhile, I live exclusively vegetarian and often eat vegan.

How the world trip made me a vegetarian, I report in this blog post .

The town of Amritsar is a true vegetarian paradise, with vegetarian restaurants within two kilometers of the Golden Temple. The best address for all veggies who love Indian cuisine.

In addition to local restaurants, you will find some cafes and fast food chains, which also offer only vegetarian dishes.

The small town of Luang Prabang in the north of Laos has a lot to offer for vegetarian and vegan foodies. In Luang Prabang there are countless sweet cafes and restaurants, most of which also offer veggie dishes.

An absolute highlight is the night market. Here you can really beat your stomach, because the selection is huge and you pay only one to two euros per plate. The night market takes place daily from 17 clock in the main road Sisavangvongroad in Luang Prabang.

The capital of Laos, Vientiane, is often labeled as boring, as there are hardly any sights and attractions. Vegetarians and vegans, however, get their money's worth, because an absolute highlight is the Coco Co Café (Rue Setthathilath). You could spend all day there, as there are incredibly delicious breakfast bowls, smoothies and a very good coffee.

For lunch, the cafe offers vegan and vegetarian main courses such as: As burgers, quiches or salads. In addition, you should not miss the delicious cake selection for dessert. During our time in Vientiane, we visited the Coco Co Café every day and tried the menu, invariably recommended!

Sushi and Ramen are the classics in Japan when it comes to cuisine. An integral part of the dishes is usually meat and fish, which I find a vegetarian a pity.

I was all the happier when we came across a ramen restaurant in Kyoto, which also offers vegetarian ramen. A super cozy restaurant in Japanese family atmosphere with delicious Ramengerichten. Definitely the best address in Kyoto for all vegetarians: Ramen Sen No Kaze in the center of Kyoto (580 Nakanomachi, Shinkyogoku Shijodori Agaru, Nakagyo, Kyoto)

Argentina is the country with the world's highest meat consumption after Uruguay. Sounds clearly like a challenge for vegetarians, right?

Our first address when it came to food was the Café Pani in Buenos Aires. A super nice cafe, with delicious pies and cakes and a large selection of vegetarian main courses. This café is a chain, so you can find several locations in Buenos Aires.

Next to Café Pani in the Palermo Soho neighborhood, this neighborhood has countless cafes and restaurants offering vegetarian entrees. We can recommend two burger restaurants.

  • Pani in the heart of Palermo Solo (El Salvador 4827, Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires)
  • Burger joint in Palermo (Jorge Luis Borges 1766, Buenos Aires)
  • Burger Mood in Palermo (Calle Thames 1627, Buenos Aires)

3) Melanie from the blog Mosaic Stones

On mosaic stones I write since 2015 about vegan travel and recipes from all over the world.

I especially like to explore cities in Europe and try myself through the numerous vegan restaurants.

In Milan, I especially liked the cathedral, the many parks and the Navigli area. Also culinary, the city trip was a direct hit. In Italy you will almost always find vegan thanks to pizza and pasta, but as good as in Milan I have rarely eaten.

Near the cathedral I tasted Panzerotti, stuffed yeast pies and a specialty from Puglia, in La Colubrina (Via Felice Casati 5) there were chocolate gourd with pumpkin filling and in the Navigli district I even found a bar with vegan offer at the Aperitivo. The one or the other tiramisu or gelato was of course not missing to make the Italian holiday perfect.

All my tips are in my Milan Vegan Guide

Also in Germany, there are many beautiful destinations that are worth a trip and Munich is definitely one of them for me. In the summer I was there for a few days and explored the vegan restaurant scene as well as the old town, the English Garden and Nymphenburg Palace.

As far as the number of vegan offers is concerned, Munich may not be able to keep up with the vegan capital Berlin, but there are many delicious things to try.

For example, there is the ice cream at the crazy ice cream maker (Amalienstraße 77): there are some vegan varieties, the beer ice cream "Augustiner Helles" is about vegan. I can definitely recommend a visit to Bodhi (Ligsalzstraße 23), a vegan tavern. There are typical dishes such as cheese spaetzle, bread dumplings with mushroom ragout and Kaiserschmarrn on the menu.

What else I've tried, you read in my Munich Vegan Guide .

I have visited the French capital several times in the last two years. Once I was there for a long weekend and twice for a day trip by train from Cologne. There is so much to see in Paris and one day you can see a lot of things.

And I've always discovered new vegan treats. Although the French cuisine itself is not particularly vegan-friendly, especially in Paris a lot has happened in recent years and more and more vegan restaurants are springing up.

At the VG Patisserie (123 Boulevard Voltaire) there are some crispy croissants and delicious tarts, at the Crêperie La Petite Bouclerie (33 Rue de la Harpe) I ate a vegan galette Breton and Janine loves Sunday (49 Rue Montmartre) gave it a try vegan burger a cafe gourmand for dessert. By the way, I have heard of the latter here at travel accountast the first time.

More tips can be found in my Paris Vegan Guide .

Lonely Planet has voted Bonn in the top 10 cities for 2020 and I can also recommend a visit to the former capital. I particularly like the nature on the Rhine and in the Siebengebirge, the old town and the Rheinauen flea market, which takes place once a month in summer.

Although Bonn is a small town, there are some fantastic vegan / vegetarian restaurants. I particularly like the Black Veg at Adolfstraße 43 (delicious cakes and vegan kebabs on Fridays), the Kaiserhüttn am Wilhelmspl. 1a (vegan Bavarian specialties) and the café from to Bonner Talweg 77 (vegan stone oven pizza).

More tips in my big vegan in Bonn Guide .

4) Christina of fine vegetables

My name is Christina, I live in Dusseldorf and blog since 2011 on fine vegetables about the vegetarian and vegan everyday kitchen.

For me it goes - of course - primarily to delicious veggie recipes, the sweet tooth must not be neglected.

Because I travel with my husband a lot and often, I try to record these trips in the blog as a personal travel diary.

During a sabbatical in early 2019, we explored Nepal for many weeks. The elongated state in the Himalayas is one of the poorest, but certainly also one of the most beautiful countries on this planet. Even today, many months later, I am deeply touched by the beauty of nature, the friendliness of people, the simplicity of life circumstances - and the delicious, vegetarian food.

Nepalese cuisine is influenced by India and Tibet, Hindu and Buddhist diets. Meat is rarely found on the menu, many restaurants advertise even with "vegetarian only". I guess in no country in the world is it so easy to eat vegetarian or vegan food as in Nepal - like delicious Dhal Bat, Momo Thukpa.

Here is my blog post about the vegetarian cuisine of Nepal.

Hurtigruten itself nourishes the image of the legendary post boat journey along the Norwegian coast as the "most beautiful sea voyage" in the world. But after making this trip, I am convinced that it is true! How indescribably beautiful Norway is, you can best see it from the ship when traveling from south to north over days, to the Arctic Circle and to the Russian border.

On board there is full board - and the great thing is: so many vegan and vegetarian options. Even the dinner (always menu with starter and dessert) can order in vegan. And we are not talking about spaghetti with tomato sauce, no, the pure vegetable dishes are first class, creative and based on local specialties.

Here is my blog post about our trip to Norway.

In 2017 we were hiking on the Eifelsteig , and that was beautiful. You do not always have to fly around half the globe to spend a natural, relaxing holiday.

As a vegetarian, it is easy, because in all places and accommodations there are options without meat. You should not expect a star kitchen, but happy and full you will always.

One of the highlights on the Eifelsteig - and also worth a day trip within NRW - is Monschau. I have been there a lot and am well acquainted with the gastronomic offer. And that is unfortunately somewhat "limited" for veggies and is strongly based on the typical German meat eater. Almost every restaurant offers seniors dishes with schnitzel and bacon beans. With one exception:

Restaurant Rur-Cafe (Stehlings 16) - the best restaurant in Monschau. There is always delicious organic goat cheese from the Eifel with lettuce (and also a fine selection of local fires and schnapps). Vegetarian special requests are no problem.

Otherwise you can of course in Monschau excellent waffles and cakes - and try mustard. Be sure to stop by the historic mustard mill (Laufenstraße 118) and taste the delicious and creative varieties such as pineapple ginger, redcurrant, garlic ... Vegan varieties are also awarded separately.

5) Sarah from the Itchy Feet blog

Mainzer Sarah von Itchy Feet Blog regularly packs the wanderlust and shortly thereafter her suitcase to travel to new, fascinating places or to return to old, dear.

She tries to be as intense and sustainable as possible.

Tbilisi, the "Balcony of Europe" knows how to combine Asian and European influences in an exciting way. This is also reflected gastronomically. For two weeks I feasted on the Georgian capital and was surprised how many national specialties are vegetarian.

I am still dreaming of stuffed aubergines with walnut cream in Sofia Melnikova's Fantastiuri Duqani (22 Revaz Tabukashvili St). Khachapuri and khinkali are also available in vegetarian versions. Vegans are in the right place at the Kiwi Vegan Café (6 Ivane Machabeli St).

Budapest has surprised me most culinary this year. I especially expected restaurants with hearty, hungarian dishes. Instead, I discovered numerous great restaurants specializing in vegetarian and vegan cuisine, street food markets, and pretty cafes offering delicious, meatless offerings. Do not miss the vegan ice cream at Levendula.

In the Belgian capital, one great food spot joins the next. Vegetarians and vegans also have a lot to discover in Brussels.

In the vegan restaurant Tich (Rue de Namur 25) healthy bowls and soups are served. As with friends, Les Filles (46 rue Vieux Marché aux Grains and 7 place des Palais) dine together at large tables. By the way, from the month of June, Brussels will be transformed into a mecca for connoisseurs with numerous food festivals spread throughout the city.

6) Barbara of Mallorca Talks

When I moved to Mallorca in 2005, the radio journalist became an avid blogger.

I have been vegan for 6 years now. So I show my readers on my blog Mallorca Talks not only the real treasures of the island, but also where you can eat on Mallorca everywhere delicious and good vegan or vacation.

Is Spain a good destination for vegetarians and vegans? Yes and no. In the big cities like Barcelona, ​​Madrid, San Sebastian or Granada the offer is great. If you are traveling in the "no-man's-land", you have to search a little longer or eat your own. That is not a problem at all. In supermarkets, the vegan range is growing daily.

Best spot for vegans and vegetarians in Spain? This is definitely Mallorca. Not only that many restaurants now have vegan options on the menu, the selection on the favorite island of the Germans is great.

On the extremely helpful app "" there are for Mallorca alone 222 entries for restaurants, bakeries, shops, etc. with herbal food. (This app should really have any vegan / vegetarian !!! The cost is just under 4 euros and is worth more than its price.)

Of course, the capital Palma is also the Eldorado for vegetarians and vegans. There are numerous restaurants, bistros and even a purely vegan supermarket - the "Lo Vegano" in Palma .

Just to name a few highlights of the restaurant culture: the Bon LLoc (Carrer de Sant Feliu 7, the island's oldest purely vegetable eatery), the Compost Vegano (Carrer de Rubén Darío 4) or the Mama Carmen's (Carrer de Cervantes 21) a visit to the 400,000 inhabitants city for a culinary experience.

This beautiful finca surrounded by green fields, complete tranquility and with fabulous views of the Tramuntana mountains - is the first all-vegan hotel in Mallorca. In addition to the pigs Trudi and Tyson, there live also two dogs, cats, ducks and the German operators Jens and Miriam.

The rooms are spacious and especially the food in the Villa Vegana is the absolute best . Breakfast is included for all. The daily changing evening menu is offered for hotel guests at a special price. A real must-see - unfortunately no more insider tip.

An alternative in the north of Mallorca: The only vegetarian / vegan option in the north of the island is the Pension Bellavista with the restaurant BellaVerde. The courtyard with the old olive trees is a dream place to stay in the middle of the city of Port de Pollenca.

The food and the pension are made with love and keep their reputation for years. For tourists who are very fond of animals are a perfect place. If you do not like cats, you should look for another place to stay.

7) Laura Lee, travel and lifestyle blog The Travellette

Since 2016 I am self-employed with my blog. First it was all about my experiences and tips in Barcelona , because I lived there for over six years.

Now I'm blogging with my husband, Sascha, and we write about everything related to travel, sustainability and the vegan lifestyle. You can even find vegan recipes on .

Barcelona is of course well known for the Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló and Plaça de Catalunya. But there is so much more to discover. In addition to touristic not yet known places, such. As my Barcelona insider tips , you can also felt at every turn a new vegan restaurant explore.

My absolute favorite restaurants are:

CatBar (Carrer de la Bòria, 17, 08003 Barcelona)
The best vegan burgers in the city and vegan craft beer

Ice cream parlor gelaaati! (Carrer de la Llibreteria, 7, 08002 Barcelona)
Over 10 different vegan ice creams every day. My recommendation: dark chocolate and coconut.

Dolce Pizza and Los Veganos (Carrer d'Hipòlit Lázaro, 34, 08025 Barcelona)
Vegan / vegetarian pizzas and typical Italian desserts, such as tiramisu, but vegan.

Veggie Garden (Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 602, 08007 Barcelona)
Vegan menus for a small price. My recommendation: The Indian Thali.

Green Berry (Carrer d'Enric Granados, 153, 08008 Barcelona)
Cold-pressed juices, delicious bowls, sandwiches, raw vegan desserts and much more

You can also find more vegan spots in Barcelona on my blog:
The best vegan restaurants in Barcelona

8) Anja from Travel on Toast

After a year around the world, I founded this travel blog in 2012. Meanwhile, I am a full-time travel blogger, often traveling with friends and dogs.

My topics are short breaks, city trips, road trips, holidays with dogs and food . I am a vegetarian and often vegan, vegan travel works pretty well. On the way, I always go in search of the nicest restaurants, cafes and food markets.

You would like to take a city break on the weekend? Cologne has many highlights such as the Cologne Cathedral, the Chocolate Museum, colorful houses in the old town, carnival or Christmas markets to offer. And lots of cafes and restaurants with vegetarian or vegan food.

I lived, studied and worked in the cathedral city for twelve years. During this time and afterwards I have tried my way through the city. Especially in the trendy districts Belgisches Viertel and Ehrenfeld I found what they are looking for:

  • Veggie Burger in the restaurant Stadtgarten (Venloer Str. 40)
  • vegan Asia Food at Mei Wok (Venloer Str. 384)
  • Vegetarian and Vegan Breakfast at Café Robin (Venloer Str. 400) or vegan Carrot Cake, Sacher Torte and peanut cream cake

Hotel tips: The 5-star Excelsior Hotel Ernst next to the cathedral offers its guests vegetarian and vegan food. You want to have it cheaper? As a vegetarian, I was also with the breakfast buffet from Casa Colonia (Machabäerstraße 63) near the cathedral completely happy.

Further recommendations can be found here:
Cologne tips - 22 sights, shops restaurants

I love the Portuguese capital so much that I've been there several times. I like the people, the warmth and the way of life. Lisbon is young, hip and modern.

On my last visit, I was thrilled with how much plant food there is. Even Pasteis de Nata - the famous Portuguese custard tarts - you can eat vegan here. And restaurants like Ao 26 (R. Vítor Cordon 26) or The Food Temple (Beco do Jasmim 18) are a dream.

The Inspira Santa Marta Hotel (Rua de Santa Marta 48) is an eco hotel. Here you can get vegetarian or vegan food.

Here you can find my food guide:
Lisbon tips food - vegan, vegetarian, yummy

As much as I like London, I love Brighton! The English seaside resort on the English Channel is colorful, slightly nostalgic, cosmopolitan, has a large gay and artist scene. Furthermore, as a Sixties fan I always find something here at the flea markets or in the vintage shops.

For anyone who wants to travel vegetarian or vegan: The selection is huge. Whether in the restaurants, cafes or in the pubs, where there are then instead of fish and chips just halloumi and chips.

Our accommodation is usually the Paskins Town House (18-19 Charlotte St) in the cool Kemptown neighborhood. It is an eco-friendly Art Deco style B B. Morgens kannst du zwischen 13 verschiedenen Arten des warmen Frühstücks wählen, mit einigen vegetarischen und veganen Optionen.

Brighton : Sehenswürdigkeiten im „London by the Sea“

Gerade für Herbst oder Frühjahr ist Rom ein tolles Reiseziel! Du kannst ganz in die Vergangenheit eintauchen mit Ruinen wie dem Kolosseum oder den beeindruckenden Petersdom im Vatikan besuchen.