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Photo backpack test 2019: Stylish, comfortable and practical?

Swap camera bag for photo backpack: I've worn my heavy SLR camera with accessories so far over a shoulder, like a handbag. But now I was looking for a comfortable alternative. In the article you will find the results of the photo backpack test. meine Erwartungen erfüllt hat und ob sich der Kauf lohnt. There you will find out if the camera backpack from K F Concept has fulfilled my expectations and if it is worth the purchase.

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Reiseoutfit Flugzeug Co .: The best tips for comfortable, chic clothing

(Contains advertising for the Zalando Lounge). Do you know that, too? I always dream about my next trip, I like to plan it and I'm looking forward to the destination. To make sure my arrival and departure are as good as possible, a comfortable travel outfit is very important to me. I should not be too warm or too cold in it, it should be comfortable and survive the journey without wrinkles. In this article you will find my best tips for comfortable and stylish travel clothing. I also introduce you to the Zalando Lounge, where you get bargains for your vacation. I have put together a travel outfit for less than 100 euros, which I show you in the post.

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Holiday only with hand luggage: 8 tips for flying

(Promoting Sterillium Protect Care) I usually travel with hand luggage only - even on long-haul flights to distant destinations. A trolley and my handbag, that's enough for my luggage. I'll tell you 8 tips and tricks as you can only travel with hand luggage. On the basis of our 5 star camping holiday in southern France, I tell you what has to go with what stays at home and how I quickly get through the security check.

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Lightroom image processing: 7 steps to the perfect travel photo

Do you take so many photos while traveling? I always bring countless pictures. And then at home, work begins: selecting and editing the best photos. What am I doing with this? With Adobe Lightroom. I have been using the program for some time now. However, it was not easy for me to handle in the beginning. The travel photographer and photo coach Stefano Paterna will give you tips for the Lightroom image editing in this article so that you get the most out of your travel photos.

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