Thailand holidays for beginners: 18 travel tips (plus route for the tour)


Impressions of Carsten, written by Anja. Being a friend of a travel blogger has taken me to Australia, New Zealand or Vietnam. Now it was my first time to Thailand for me, on a tour for 2 weeks. Here are travel tips for country, route, packing list, long-haul flights and hotels. Thailand holidays for beginners: So it works in any case!

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Thailand Round Trip: Planning Tips

Anja was in Thailand for the first time during her one-year trip around the world. After that she came back often. For us she has taken over the travel organization: So she has individually booked the flights, hotels and excursions.

Thailand vacation for beginners: For the luggage Anja has created a packing list Thailand , including checklist as a PDF to print and check off. So you do not forget anything!

You want to compare and book cheap flights ? This is what Anja mostly does about Opodo , the largest online travel agency in Europe. Here you will find 450 airlines and budget airlines. On the flights you can also choose "Multistopp", so choose back to Bangkok and back from an island.

And do you already know Anja's 17 long-haul flight tips ?

Also, in this article you will find the best (and cheap) 5 star Bangkok hotels , all of us tested.

Our absolute favorite? The Eastin Grand Hotel Sathorn ( Rating: 9.3, out of 6,500 ratings):

  • beautiful infinity pool on the 14th floor with loungers
  • Delicious food and cool drinks you can order there or in the restaurants
  • a nice, quiet room overlooking the skyline
  • direct access to Skytrain Station Surasak

And do you already know these helpful books and blog articles ?

105 reasons to love Thailand - the travel sensor with heartbreaking moments and insider tips
Order at Thailand holidays for beginners: 18 travel tips

1) Do not put the full shampoo bottle in the case

We are 2 weeks on Thailand round trip, the packing list Thailand I have looked at before. I take full shampoo and shower gel bottles in my suitcase. I wrap my toiletry bag in a plastic bag. The bottles run out during the flight, the whole bag is full of shampoo and shower gel.
Learned: Do not take full bottles, the bottles come in a plastic bag

2) Insect repellent is a must for the Thailand trip

In Thailand, mosquitoes can transmit diseases such as malaria or dengue fever. That's why we apply insect repellent in the morning and in the evening. I also went to the tropical doctor before and got vaccinated against various diseases.
Learned: Mosquito repellent is indispensable

3) Caution in left-hand traffic

The cars, scooters and tuk tuks are on the left. On the scooters sometimes sit up to three people or the baby in front of the mother in a high chair.
Learned: Always look to the right when crossing the street!

4) Long pants are hot

At around 30 degrees, the jeans become intolerable - too warm! I am very much in favor of shorts, but with side pockets that are easy to close. Because all the important things I like most about the man.
Learn: Shorts are the way to go

5) Sturdy shoes are important to me

Anja is usually on the go with flip flops. After all, open shoes are handy if you need to take them off at the airport security check or in the temple. But with solid shoes I feel better and safer on the uneven sidewalks.
Learned: Firm shoes are one of them

6) sarong = multifunction object

Before our trip to Thailand, I did not know what a sarong is. From Anja I have learned that you can use the colorful towels as a bath towel, towel, cape, skirt or headscarf.
Learned: A sarong can be useful for a couple's holiday

7) It can rain even outside the rainy season

It is raining so heavily in southern Thailand in January that it comes to heavy flooding. Therefore, we do not travel from Ao Nang to Koh Lanta, but fly back to Bangkok.
Learned: Even weather forecasts can be wrong and it is good to stay flexible

8) An umbrella is also a parasol

In one of the heavy downpours, I have to pick up Anja in the city, she is stranded without an umbrella. He also protects against the strong sun rays in fine weather.
Learned: A tad is helpful in Thailand

9) Air Asia seats are not for Europeans

For the outward flight to Krabi Town, Anja booked us comfortable "hot seats" with more legroom for a fee. On the way back we take the normal seats, have our knees on our chin and feel like cage-hens.
Learned: Always book hot seats at Air Asia - at least if you're taller (Anja is 1.80, I'm 1.87 meters) or longer flights fly

10) Tuk Tuk driving is an adventure

With the car rick through Bangkok - that's fun, but is often exciting in the fast-paced driving style. Unfortunately, there are always discussions because the Tuk Tuk drivers want too much money or stop in shops.
Learned: negotiate prices and conditions beforehand, and also have small bills with you to be able to pay appropriately

11) Boating Skytrain in Bangkok = relaxation

The Chao Phraya River runs through Bangkok. The boat tours are cheap, fast (= no traffic jam) and easy. Wat Phra Kaeo, Wat Pho, Wat Arun, Chinatown or Khao San Road are all within walking distance of the property. Also, the skytrain with air conditioning is convenient. However, both boat and sky train can be very crowded.
Learned: Boat and Skytrain in Bangkok are the best means of transport for us

12) Credit card is indispensable

We use the credit card to withdraw cash at the vending machine, to book flights and hotels. Anja even has two cards. How best to protect yourself from theft? We leave some in the hotel in the safe. Otherwise, we distribute cards and cash in different places, eg. B. in the front trouser pocket or the photo backpack.
Learned: The credit card is always there

13) Take small bills coins

20, 50 or 100 baht bills are good for taxis, tuk tuks, markets or street food. At the Skytrain in Bangkok you pay at the machine with 1, 5 or 10 Baht coins.
Learned: I use 1000 baht bills from the machine to pay at 7-Eleven to get smaller bills.

14) Spoon and fork instead of chopsticks

In Vietnam I ate with chopsticks. In Thailand spoon and fork are used for food.
Learned: Each country has different table manners

15) Sharp means sharp means sharp

The first time to Thailand: I made only once the mistake to order something spicy. The papaya salad was hellishly hot and burned for a long time.
Learned: When Thais say "sharp", they mean "extremely sharp"

16) stomach upset included - Thailand holidays for beginners

Anja has a sturdy stomach. She had an upset stomach all over Cambodia during her travels. I travel to Thailand for the first time and have to spend two days.
Learned: A remedy for nausea belongs in the first-aid kit

17) Coffee is hot and cold

What I first had to get used to: When ordering coffee, I am always asked if I want him hot or iced. Actually an understandable question at around 30 degrees ...
Learned: Hot coffee is standard in Germany, not in Thailand

18) get SIM card at 7-Eleven

Anja also wants to use her smartphone in Thailand. So we buy a SIM card at a 7-Eleven in Bangkok's Khao San Road. For 500 baht we get 30 days of internet, supposedly without limit. The employee immediately inserts the card and activates it. We also have a second smartphone for Anja with her home SIM card.
Learned: 7-Eleven is also good for SIM cards

Thailand holidays for beginners - what are your tips?

Note: The trip to Thailand we have completely self-organized and paid.

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105 reasons to love Thailand - the travel sensor with heartbreaking moments and insider tips
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  • reply
    February 22nd, 2017 at 17:39

    Great tips, where I would use some of the tips not only for Thailand or even take some for granted;)

  • reply
    February 3, 2017 at 1:38

    The post was amusing as informative. I really liked it. We are also considering flying to Thailand. And I've heard that somehow everyone has ever been robbed in Thailand. Is that true, what experiences have you made there? Is normal care enough there too?

    best regards


    • reply
      Anja Beckmann
      February 5, 2017 at 00:33

      Hello Myriam,

      great that you like my post!

      I've been to Thailand many times and I've never had anything happen there.

      Also I have not heard from my environment of raids. However, from thefts in the bus etc.

      I always take good care of my stuff. For example, I have my valuables at my feet on the plane. Because I have ever heard that someone was stolen from a camera bag at night out of the luggage compartment.

      Greetings from Australia

  • reply
    January 26, 2017 at 22:40

    I admire people who tear so much .. how do you finance that? And what job gives so much freedom?
    LG, Steffi

  • reply
    January 18th, 2017 at 08:55

    another tip. Leave shampoo etc. at home. Are there in the hotels.

    • reply
      Anja Beckmann
      January 20, 2017 at 13:32

      Hello Thomas,

      Of course there is shampoo in the hotel. But I use my favorite brand, Carsten as well.

      LG, Anja

  • reply
    January 18th, 2017 at 08:32

    Thanks for the entertaining and funny report :-) We were last with our son in Thailand and could inspire him from the country and the people there. I recommend the remote island Ko Racha below Phuket. A paradise for children with 3-meter-long pets ...

    • reply
      Anja Beckmann
      January 20, 2017 at 13:32

      Hello Svemirka,

      great that you like Thailand as much as we do! :)

      best regards

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